Common Core Controversy

Apple Core

The Washington Post recently ran a very interesting article about how quickly and quietly the Common Core was adopted in nearly all 50 states. There has been recent sharp criticism directed at Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation he and his wife operate, charging them with political motivation behind their funding of the Common Core. Microsoft could greatly benefit if software programs are adopted to help implement Common Core principles. Gates vehemently defends the altruism and necessity of funding education in the U.S.

Criticism of Gates and Common Core is coming from both sides of the aisle. The debate about this latest form of major education reform in the U.S. is a reminder that all education policy issues will face criticism no matter what. Education is a political topic that affects all Americans, no matter race, religion, or economic background. One may choose to opt out of a debate, but the policies adopted by the Federal Government, or in the case of Common Core, by the States themselves, will affect U.S. citizens, whether it is as a student in the school system (public or private), as a parent, as a teacher or administrator, or as a tax payer. Personally, I believe we have to say YES to education reform when we are given the option. We can mold and bend the policies to best accommodate our schools and classrooms, but we must embrace change that can potentially benefit the most important factor in the equation: students.